Striptease and Coverdancer Jewel

Age: 25
Hair Colour: Blond
Eye Colour: Blue
Nationality: Dutch
Education: Secretary

striptease jewel 1

Tell me about your dancing background, and how you ended up as a strip-tease dancer
Started out working at club live (scheveningen) at the bar, I saw girls stripping and thought I can do that!

striptease jewel 2

How was the first time for you on stage?
Very nervous but enjoyed the attention

What´s the best part of being a striptease dancer? And for how long will you continue?
Meet a lot of people in a lot of different places, and of course the attention the job brings with it. As long as I enjoy working as a striptease dancer.

What are your plans for the future?
I want to go international. And maybe some erotic model work

What do you have to say to a girl, who wants to get into this industry and become a strip-tease dancer?
You have to enjoy the hectic lifestyle this work brings with it, Enjoy what your doing and show that to the people
(always dance with a smile)

What do you enjoy about your work?
I like to entertain people it makes me happy.

Tell me about your first night on the job. How old were you and how did you like it compared to now?
I was very innocent in a lot of things, but now I´m streetwise

What is the best compliment you've ever received from a customer?
Because I smile a lot, a costumer told me she couldn´t take here eyes of me.

striptease jewel3

Last comment?
My biggest challenge will be working in clubs in other countries, and specially working in the United States. I went to Canada for 10 days and compete in the miss nude Toronto pageant. I got the titles miss nude Scarborough, entertainer of the year, most beautiful breast, most original costume. Now I´m competing in the miss nude Canada to that is in November December