Greece my experience from Pelopones and what about Athens???

Hello girls,
before 5 years I was in Sardinia (Sassari), work was ok but now all my friends told me that this isle is dead for work. Last 4 year (only summer) I spent in Greece. I worked always in small cities and small clubs (Nafplio, Argos-elite, Chalkida - coctail, Kalamata). I could say that there work lot of girls form Rumania, Litvania, Russia a Hungary. 
Elite is nice but very small club, owner is very rude but if you are strong enought to lisen stupidities every day its ok. Coctail is very dirty club - but if you are smart you can money there. But i recommend other club in Chalkida (there is about 10 clubs just look internet).
Now my question - what about Athens and Thessaloniky? I was in athens clubs just for visit but lot of girls told me that without some "plus" services (touching is the smallest thing if you understand) you can not make enought cars (cards for strip). What about islands in summer? I want try rhodos or mykonos? Do you have eperiences? Sory for my english:)
Miss J